Annual Youth Mentoring for Job Creation

Through our annual Youth Mentoring workshops, we enable the participants to draw an inside-out analysis about themselves, society and resources around them. Through various schemes, we provide the mentees with the platform to appreciate, question and learn afresh, something that our traditional education system does not teach us. In the end participants are challenged to set “SMART” goals intended to make their lives better. These Goals are scrutinized, polished and followed-up by the Mentors at AMI.

For Uganda, with approx´ 77% involved in the private sector, over 390.000 graduates living the higher institution of learning each year and a growing population of 31 million, half of which are the youth. Failure to act would be disaster. Our goal is to inspire young people to think of creative innovative solutions capable of solving their community problems.

Already with the graduation of the first batch of the course participants, we feel as pioneers very optimistic about the future of Job Mentoring in Uganda. We would like to thank the following organizations whose support made our first training program a great success: Junior Chamber International, Executive Director of the Uganda Investment Authority-Dr. Maggie Kigozi, CBS fm, UBC National Broadcasting TV), NBS TV, Power Fm, Radio Maria, Record, WBS, Our Mentors Lyn & Gary Russell (The Human Dimension Australia).