About Us

Africa Mentoring Institute is a community capacity building institution registered in Uganda in december 2004 with a Reg. No. 68122. It was established to help individuals to discover and maximise their latent potentials and career aspirations. AMI  majorly focuses on those individuals passionate about their talents and careers achievement. Our approach is equipe them with practical skills through guidance and mentorship. We inspire them to learn, research, innovate, document, appreciate the resources around them and ask leading questions. In this way, we believe, Africa’s complex challenges can be answered.

Our core programs focus is on capacity building. We train individuals and institutions, on issues such as Sustainable Human Development, HIV/AIDS care and Management, Research Institutional effectiveness and youth productivity awakening. The the core of our methodology  is to provide practical skills, strategies and models which can provide necessary focus for long term peaceful co-existent society, challenging individual to understand their background, in the end help them to design their desired future. We do this by concentrating on gaps people missed during their education pursuits for we believe that the level of national development is equated to the level of people’s knowledge and skills.

At AMI, one gets exposed and empowered to develop own abilities and discover individual limits. We help participants to communicate their personal values, mission and vision. Accessing our programs enables participants not only to draw road maps to their desired achievements but also we challenge them to think of solutions  that adresses communities and countrys' problems.