Stephen Bwete 17/1/12 Education and Work in Uganda 11,000 graduate to 83% joblessness“, So stands the headline today in the Monitor News Paper, one of Uganda's leading daily independent print media. article, a contribution leading to the 62nd Graduation Ceremony of Makerere University Kampala due to take place from Monday, 16th January, 2012 to Friday, 20th January, 2012 planed to witness over 11,000 students being conferred upon their respective degrees, including Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki, it is a reminder of how dire the situtation is, in a small country of 32 million people were 50 percent of it's population is below the age of 15 years.
        What has gone wrong?
Ranked 8th on the list of 59 most competitive African Universities by University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Laboratory. A degree from Makerere used to be considered as the safest pathway to prosperity. Today the story is different, as the news paper notes, „There are no accurate unemployment figures in Uganda but estimates indicate that only a fraction of graduates with some form of qualification get absorbed in the limited formal job market. At least 400,000 graduate each year but projects registered by the Uganda Investment Authority indicate a potential to create only 150,000 jobs annually, leaving an estimated 350,000 on the street.“ One is left to wonder, if the most previledged of all, armed with their prestigeous degree cannot find a descent job, then who is safer? I believe this question occupies the mind of every concerned citizen of Uganda, it is a legitimate question, one that demands clarity and deeper insight of the situation by those in authority!
Educated but Jobles, what next? At Africa Mentoring Institute we have constantly asked our participants this question, we try to help them learn to learn again. We inspire the youth through our trainings to develope a spirit of inventíon, entrepreneurship and creative thinking mind. Even with such grim headlines, at Africa Mentoring Institute, we still believe that education is a key to success, however, this education must harness all positive aspects of learning, i.e focus on developing both the cognitive and social intelligence, promote, research, talent identification and support. As John C Maxwell puts it, Everything rises or falls with leadership“, our education system needs to relign the values of leadership development and self responsibility! this should be highlighted in every university module.
If you read this article and are wondering whether there is hope watch this video below and make a conclusion for yourself.

           Thank you William Kamkwamba for overcoming the odds and thinking beyond the box.

Africa Mentoring Institute Annual Young Entrepreneurs' Conference. See link below for details
Conference Brochure

Kampala, 01.05.2010,

Five years ago, a small team of young social entrepreneurs thought of how they could make a difference in others.This was the founding spirit of AMI, our leading objective was to find ways how youth productivity can be enhanced and sustained in Uganda. We are far from seeing our vision realised but we take pride in our humble achievements: Since the founding of AMI, we have trained more than 500 youth leaders in schools, 1700 students in career issues and HIV/AIDS, 400 persons with disabilities and 600 community members on how to begin business from scratch. The institute has also contributed tremendously in HIV/AIDS sensitization trainings in the different government institutions, schools and universities. Our approach is centered on the idea of mentorship as the best model to make a difference in the peoples’ lives. We walk the road with our mentees; we build them in skills, encourage, challenges and keep them accountable as they make progressive steps out of poverty, diseases, ignorance, and poor leadership.

We believe in celebrating achievements even as humble as they might appear. As we celebrate five years of existence on 10 June 2010 at Hotel Africana Main Conference, The management of Africa Mentoring Institute is delighted to host the first National Mentoring Conference in Uganda. This unprecedented conference will feature a list of key models and achievers in Uganda with a sole purpose to motivate and inspire the youth to improve their lives. As a sign of recognition of the Institutes vision, all the key speakers have happily confirmed their participation including Prof. Maggie Kigozi–Executive director Uganda Investment Authority and Professor James Mulwana- Chairman, Uganda manufactures association as the Chief Guest Speaker; the list goes on and on. We have carefully selected discussions and presenters with crossing cutting abilities, which will give the participants a holistic understanding of the complex and most important issues of our society today. The topics ranges from Mentoring, service, how to discover and develop talent, image marketing- case study entertainment industry, to peace building, from Investment information and opportunities to sustainable entrepreneurship. The Conference is expected to attract between two – four hundred young entrepreneurs and leaders from Uganda and some neighboring countries of between 20 to 45 years of age yearning to make a difference in their lives and their communities. Prospective participants are encouraged to contact us in advance in order to have a smooth organization.

We are so grateful for the great support from the following: Dr. Maggie Kigozi, to Standard chartered bank, Rwenzori mineral water, and all other sponsors. Your investment in the youth is your investment in the future. We still welcome individuals and corporate sponsors. CALL 256 (0)414 -201059, 256(0)712-865297 or write to us at: for a specific support item towards the conference, in so doing you not only proove your corporate social responsibilty but you shall also earn continous announcement and recognition during and after the conference

Thank you

NAMEC–Uganda Organizing Committee


25.03.2010, Kampala Uganda
Promotion of good nutrition and Business

With the kind donation of Mother courage Norway through the tireless coordination efforts of Madam Bitten .S, the Mothers of Hope received a high breed cow [Miss Anneiken] on February 23rd. We expect this cow to boost the health as well as providing a source of income to the members.

In the photo above: Chairperson Sarah Kizza Inspecting the cow on arrival at the firm 25kms west from Kampala

We are extremely grateful to your support and trust in us.



By: Anne Mayanja 11.12.2009, Kampala Uganda

There are many ways to make progress in vocation of our dreams, we read books, and we listen to tapes or go to seminars. The fastest way to making right decisions in our work and life, however comes from the influence and accountability of a mentor.
Who is that mentor who made me an Activist? What do they do? For this purpose, I have the confidence to talk about Africa Mentoring Institute; an institution for training, coaching, mentoring training and learning design-developing people with their potentials from all backgrounds: learned and unlearned, skilled and unskilled, rich and poor. They also mentor you on-line.
In order to be successful in business, you must always believe in your untapped abilities and recognise that you may never operate at peak efficiency, until you submit to the direction of someone who can help you get there and in my case, that is Africa Mentoring Institute.
AMI has helped me as a person to develop my abilities, skills, confidence, tolerance, commitment, initiative, inter-personal skills, understanding, self-control and motivation. I have learnt that Attitudes stems from a person's mind-set, belief system, emotional maturity, self-confidence and experience. These, I believe are the key ingredients to training and personal development necessary to facing the daily challenges and achieving greatness, much relevant than simply confining people in classroom theories.
After years attending school, and different career development trainings. I am convinced, that learning in the dynamic 21st Century must go far beyond conventional classroom training courses. It must integrate all holistic aspects education like; creativity, innovativeness, and open-mindedness. Learners must be introduced to discover learning in virtually every new experience, whether for self, team or organization benefit, if you want to make a difference, think about what really helps people change.
What did I achieve from AMI, after the mentoring course, I implemented my business Early Years and Adult Learning Center Ltd, a center for Human Development, that consists of development projects that improves the standards of lives of people especially children to enable them become self-supporting. Early Years and Adult Learning Center is a platform whose main purpose opens out people's personalities create career path and help to identify their talents. For more information Please, log on
If you want to learn and develop, please, visit Africa Mentoring Institute! they won´t only tell you what you want to hear, but also what you may not want to hear, in order to be the best you were meant to best. That is me now the Activist.
Best regards,
The Mentored Student for the Best.