Africa Girl Child Academy 2012

The Girl Child Academy  a pilot project of the Africa Girl Child  (AGCA)  programme is a true story of determination, a mixture of Pain and Hope. The year 2011 AMI leadership resolved to focus attention and resources on the plight of the Girl child. This conviction was grounded in our core goals since the inception of AMI; we strongly believe that children are the future! If this is true, then all efforts made for national economic growth and development must acknowledged and should be clearly embedded in the planning and implementation of all development programmes. To emphasize this point; according to World Bank report 2010 Uganda's population is estimated at nearly 33 million, 50% of whom are under the age of 15.
  Excited! AMI Principal Mentor possing with parents and kids after registration (Photo taken by AMI 7.02.12)

To contribute proactively to the above mentioned sitiuation, Africa Mentoring Institute has began this year with a new challenge geared towards helping the Girl Child. Our pilot project is located in one of the most isolated village within Kampala called Nakigalala. This village is characterized by low life expectancy, high youth unemplyment, and increasing orphanage rate. The main economic activity in this village and cardinal occupation by women is stone querring and Tea peaking. it is full of many people whose work is kubuka mayinja and working the tea plantation. Sadly, most men spend most of the day drinking and the women work hard to sustain the big families. Even as government policies have boosted primary school attendence in several parts of the country, this area hardly has any school which has significantly contributed to the high number of early girl child marriages.
    A parent bringing family for registration (Photo taken by AMI 7.02.12)

 Focused! Henry, AMI Administrator posses with the Kids (Photo taken by AMI 7.02.12)
   Motivated by his pain, inspired by the children's future, Moses dedicated the land to the school 
    premises for the cause of GCA. (Photo taken by AMI 7.02.12)
   Dedicated! Ms. Namuyomba a trained elementary school teacher prepares for the great challenge ahead.  
                                     (Photo taken by AMI 7.02.12)

Our Principle
„Dream big start small!“. Despite our financial constraints, on suturady 7th January 2012, GCA project 2012 was officially started on purely goodwill intentions. The school shall innitially begin with Nursery and primary one then later expand on as we grow our capacity and improve the quality standards. As our policy always, to ensure sustainability and communitycparticipation; we engaged the participation of community leaders and parents. As a result, we secured the land on which this academy shall be built was courtesy of Moses Byomugisha, a citizen of this village who is battling a deadly skin disease. With the support if the Local council chairperson,Mr.Byakatonda, we managed to register the school. Already within days after commencement the academy has registered over 30 children.We have recruited a qualified teacher, a team of two international volunteers and local support staffs. While the doors of this Girl Child Academy open on the 23rd.January.2012, it will mark the beginning of a long journey. We warmly welcome anyone who dares to walk this great milestone with us. We need volunteers, Teachers, scholastic and children play-materials.