Mothers of Hope

This is a dynamic group of Women living postive with Hiv/Aids. The Mission of this project is to build women capacities in entrepreneurship, we do this by promoting their locally hand-made handicraft as well as identifying possible sales outlets. The second most important aspect of this group is friendship: We help them to team up with women from other parts of the city and were possible from as far as overseas, the goal is to provide care and acceptance.

The money got from these products goes directly into helping in the facilitation of the women project activities and as individuals. through profits from this project underprivileged women including widows and single mothers, are able to support, care for their families and educate their children.

Our Goal

To help women overcome stigmatization and advance from being victims to attaining stability in order to become active citizens in their communities

We believe that the best form of aid is that which makes it's recipients contribute to the process. By buying one of these items you support the works of the hands of women living living with Hiv/Aids

At AMI there is nothing comparable to enabling people to
create something with their hands.

Our Mission:

To facilitate holistic personal and societal development through capacity building, research, HIV/AIDS Care and Management using practical knowledge and skills to enable individuals perform to their best with resources available.

Women showing the National President JCI-International and Invited guests their products at the Mothers of Hope Art & Craft Exhibition Gala