Africa - Training for Managment, leadership and Business Formation

Capacity building:
We provide transformational trainings in practical leadership, Counselling, business and career coaching as a way of transforming society.
The institute provide capacity building and learning experience of the highest standard, underpinned by the utilisation of appropriate resources, within a positive atmosphere and a suitable, sustainable environment. The process has enhanced the formation for life-long learning by allowing clients/students and staff, across a wide range of disciplines, the maximum opportunity to fulfil their potential. Some of the key tenets of the capacity building programmes involve the following:
Training in;

· Practical leadership
· Sustainable community development
· Business formation and management
· Organizational development
· Skills building: group facilitation, adult education techniques, individual and group counselling
· Risk management strategies
· Human service development
· Human rights awareness.
Mentoring in;

On the job creation and training
Guidance the youth and community members
We have so far trained a sizeable number people in the filed of Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV/AIDS from Bombo Military Barracks and Kakiri from both the military and civilian background.

We also offer:-

-Language and African culture exchange and orientation courses.

-International cultural exchange and knowledge sharing.(Volunteers)

-Free community motivation and sharing.
-Domestic violence issues

At Africa Mentoring Institute, we design our training programs inspired by the stories of people on the streets and from the community.This video below done by World Bank clearly illustrates the mixture of hope, determination and and yes, frustration among the youth on the streets of Kampala the capital city of Uganda: